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“What would happen if we all chose to live our lives, create our homes and pursue others with hospitality in mind?”


 Welcome to Grace & Cherish

discovering the art of hospitality


 Grace & Cherish offers an invitation to pursue a lifestyle of hospitality. Through the home decor we sell and stories we share, our prayer is that we are a place where you experience God’s Grace & Cherish every moment with Him as you discover the art of hospitality.

Hospitality is the generous serving of others, considering them better than oneself. It incorporates both inviting in and going out, which is why hospitality is a lifestyle not limited to our homes.
— Alexa Mason, Creator

At Grace & Cherish, we strive to create meaningful home decor where each piece is crafted with an invitation (the Guide) to discover more of who God is and who you are because of Him. The art provides the beauty and the Guides provide the depth. Click here to visit the Grace & Cherish Store and Guides page to learn more.


Home. Life. Hospitality.


”What is true hospitality, and how can I implement it into every aspect of my life?”

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